Friday, May 9, 2014

My Tub's Better Than Your Tub

A couple of years ago when we were searching for our new home, we had in mind a number of specific things we were looking for.  We wanted four bedrooms. We wanted a fairly updated look so we wouldn't have to make a lot of changes. We wanted large spacious rooms. You get the idea.

I personally wanted something that I have never had in my life but always coveted; a garden tub. I wanted to take a bath in something that felt more like a swimming pool than a tea cup. No matter how many bubbles you put in an average sized tub, it doesn't feel any more luxurious and you don’t feel any less cramped. I wanted a ledge on which to place my scented candles and a space for my iPad to sit so I could watch movies while I turned into a raisin.

Happily, we found the perfect house complete with a fabulous garden tub. You would think that this alone would be enough, but in fact, there is more. About a year or so ago, I noticed that the tub was miraculously growing coins overnight. It didn't happen very often, but as time passed, it started happening often enough that I took notice. Sometimes it would just be a couple of pennies. Sometimes there would be quarters, nickels and dimes. I've always known money didn't grow on trees, but I had no idea that it grew on the ledges around garden tubs. No wonder people love them so much.  On the mornings that I found these offerings I scooped them up and started putting them in a jar on the dresser. I didn't say anything to anyone because I felt like they might think I was crazy, but the other day I went ahead and mentioned it to Larry because it was happening so much more often than before. I felt like he should know that we had a miracle and that we were going to be rich!

It's been an amazing discovery but today just took the cake. When I went in and turned on the light this is what I saw.

 I guess, like a fruit tree, the more mature the plant becomes,  the more developed the fruit. I immediately woke Larry to show him the new development. He just smiled a sleepy smile and said, "cool". He doesn't seem nearly as excited as me. 

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Anonymous said...

I had a sink once that attracted currency, but nothing of this magnitude--and all in Confederate Scrip... is someone paying you to take baths? Do you think you need this compensatory reinforcement to encourage you to remain clean?... or maybe it's just a very sneaky voyeur, thanking you... ugh..nevermind.. hope it's not the latter.. or the former... maybe you just have the best tub ebber.